Replacement WindowsKnowing the options for modern replacement windows in Dallas.

Replacement Window Options and Considerations for Dallas and the Metroplex


    Single Hungs

    Vertical Operators

    Operating from the bottom only, the sash moves upwards much like the windows in your home today. Actually more energy efficient than double hungs from most manufacturers, they also offer more light and less frame. Most have tilting bottom sashes.


    Double Hungs

    Operate from top and bottom.

    Double Tilting Low E Glass and Argon are the standard in vinyl replacement windows and in wood windows as well. There are some disadvantages though as the frames can be fairly large and end up over SEVEN inches thick at the mull. While very popular, there are drawbacks.


    Casement Style

    Outswinging Windows

    Able to fully vent by opening like an outswinging door with a full screen on the inside, these offer more air, no obstructions, a flat plane exterior and some great performance advantages for just about 25% more in cost than the standard options. These are about twice as quiet as typical windows too, due to the argon gas filling.


    Window Exteriors

    Standard Colors or Custom?

    We now have four different window manufacturer choices for exterior colors available in vinyl replacement windows. More options than anyone in Dallas! From affordable to amazing, we offer more choices and more expertise about which is right for your home.


    Glass Options

    Insulated Glass Variables

    Double paned has been the standard for more than 20 years. Today, triple paned glass, argon gas filling, krypton gas filling and assorted spacer systems coupled with different frame thicknesses produce different results that are up to 4 times better or more!


    Energy Savings

    Save 20% to 40%

    Replacement Windows can cut energy consumption by 20% to 40% in some cases. Modern vinyl replacement windows can have U Values as low as .18 and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients as low as .21 in a fairly colorless glass.


    Cost vs. Value

    A house flippers dream

    Remodeling Magazine tells us the resale value for window replacement, and the retail cost, but our cost is usually 15% to 30% less than other vendors due to lower overhead and hands on installation procedures.


    Better Installations

    Stewards of your Home!

    Lots of drop cloths, shop vacuums and care to the environment you call home is our primary concern on the jobsite. We bring care to every project and every opening, doing for it all that can be done. No, houses aren't square but it has to be perfect!

Learning about replacement windows is tough work.

  • To replace windows requires the right windows and expert labor. 
  • Advertising and overhead are expenses that vendors have to cover by charging you for it.
  • We provide everything that is needed, nothing that isn't.
  • Windows 101 continues, what about labor!

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